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GWRideConnect Receives Best Radio Commercial Award – Twice!

GWRideConnect’s “Commute Fairy” commercial was recognized as the best radio commercial for a medium-sized market at the 72nd Annual Virginia Broadcasting Awards in 2009 and, again, at the 74th Annual Virginia Broadcasting Awards in 2011. The awards are presented by the Virginia Association of Broadcasters.

The award-winning commercials began in the summer of 2008 and continue today. This series of commercials promotes GWRideConnect’s nationally-recognized rideshare program. The program supports approximately 400 commuter vanpools that transport thousands of workers from the Fredericksburg area to locations in Washington and northern Virginia.

In the first commercial – written by former GWRC Executive Director Bob Wilson and produced by WBQB-FM (B101.5) in Fredericksburg – a beleaguered commuter stuck in a northern Virginia traffic jam wishes out loud for a better commute. His plea is answered when a small, surly fairy magically appears in his car, tells him about the benefits of ridesharing and instructs him to call GWRideConnect. At the urging of GWRideConnect Director Diana Utz, Wilson agreed to provide the voice for the commute fairy character.

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