Vanpooling is Easy | GWRideConnect

Vanpools offer commuters one of the most cost-effective, efficient ways of getting to and from work.  A vanpool has convenient pick-up locations and riders are dropped off at or near their jobs.  With so many vanpools serving commuters in the Fredericksburg, Virginia region, the prospect of finding a vanpool that fits your needs may feel overwhelming, however, its easier than one would think thanks to GWRideConnect.

GWRideConnect is a regional commuter assistance program serving the City of Fredericksburg and the Counties of Caroline, King George, Spotsylvania and Stafford, offering transportation options other than a single-occupancy vehicle.

“Commuters are surprised to discover how easy it is to find out if a vanpool is traveling to or near their workplace,” said Leigh Anderson, Assistant Director, GWRideConnect.  “One of the things that commuters appreciate about all our services is that they are so personalized.  Commuters and vanpool operators know they can call us for help in making a commuting connection.”

Vanpool operators register their services and advertise vacancies available for new riders on their vans at the GWRideConnect website.  The website also provides commuters with vanpool information including origin, destination, corresponding work hours and contact information. Riders that register with GWRideConnect receive personalized commute options information based on their specific home and work locations, and work hours. Registered commuters also receive  GWRideConnect’s Express Match service.  This service expedites the sharing of information between vanpool operators and potential riders.

GWRideConnect provides operators and their riders with other useful information such as commuter lot locations, the Guaranteed Ride Home Program, available financial assistance, and the AdVANtage Vanpool Self-Insruance Program, a insurance program for Virginia vanpools.

With all these personalized options for commuters and operators, GWRideConnect makes vanpooling easier than ever.