Tips for Setting Up Telework

Build Your Remote Work Space

  • Wireless connection
  • Phone access
  • Computers, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • Printer, printing supplies—access to office equipment or reimbursement for using personal supplies
  • An area to work free from distraction
  • Access to electronic files or access to work computer desktop
  • Other miscellaneous office supplies—i.e. letterhead, mailing envelopes, binders, etc.

Digitize Your Process

  • Make files accessible online using services like Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive.
  • Use a remote desktop program to operate work computers at home. Some services like Google Chrome desktop are free to use, others like TeamViewer require a paid subscription for professional use.
  • If answering phones is required, find out if your provider offers an option to forward calls from your work line to an employee’s personal number.
  • Utilize programs like Google Duo, GoToMeeting, Hangout and Zoom, for virtual meetings with call-in and video features.

Maintain Customer Service Remotely

  • Create electronic versions of paper applications using programs like Google forms
  • Add transaction features to your company website with e-commerce services. For example, Stripe or Shopify
  • Keep scanned electronic copies stored online and accessible to employees remotely

Keep Employees Happy and Productive

  • Adhere to schedules and meetings
  • Decide if work hours should be kept flexible or firm
  • Have regular virtual check-ins
  • Ask for daily or weekly reports on projects
  • Keep things fun!
    • Online happy hours
    • Chat threads
    • Office celebrations

For more information and resources on telework, visit Telework!VA. They offer resources for teleworkers and managers, E-learning tools and a free telework support hotline: (866) 469-1010.